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Boeing Business Jet: First Amongst Peers

Boeing's new business jet raises the standards of private air travel to new heights and distances. 

By Chanoa Chen

Boeing brings their commercial jet expertise to the world of private jets with Boeing Business Jets (BBJ MAX). The historic American firm brings their knowledge and experience in everything from function to design and merges it with the best of private aircrafts for exceptional results.

BBJ MAX jets are the products for clients who seek to travel with ease while enjoying all of the offerings of home in the air. The spacious, exclusive models are customizable via 16 worldwide authorized completion centers for specialized details ranging from furnishings to office spaces, bedrooms, dining areas, lounges and more. Of course the jets also include the latest conveniences and necessities in technology including satellite telephone systems with portable handsets.

The Boeing Business Jets are available in three models – BBJ, BBJ 2 and BBJ 3. These spacious private jets range in size from 807 to 1,120 sq. ft. They are built to be able to travel for long stretches at a time with a maximum non-stop flight time of 10 hours. They also accommodate a healthy number of passengers and plenty of luggage space.

Support centers such as warranty centers and service centers are located around the world for the highest levels of service and convenience. 

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