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Chanel Pop-up Shop in St. Tropez

Chanel has opened a pop-up shop in St. Tropez for the season.

By Chanoa Chen

Chanel welcomed the 2014 season in St. Tropez with a temporary pop-up shop for the fifth consecutive year in a row. The pop-up is uniquely situated in the rooms and gardens of Hotel La Mistralée for a refreshingly beautiful way to shop.

La Mistralée is a 19th century mansion and the former home of Alexandre of Paris, a legendary French hairdresser from decades past. He groomed the tresses of the likes of Audrey Hepburn and the Duchess of Windsor and was the creator of Elizabeth Taylor’s iconic hairstyle in the film, Cleopatra.

The Chanel pop-up shop features the colorful and fresh looks from the Chanel Spring/Summer 2014 collection featuring impressive art-inspired prints and silhouettes.

Accessories ranging from sunglasses to watches are also available along with fragrances and cosmetics. In fact, the St. Tropez pop-up is featuring an exclusive cosmetics collection that will only be sold from this locale. 

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