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High Fashion’s Instagram Love Affair

Another sign of quickly changing times is the embrace of social media by the highest regarded fashion houses in the industry. 

By Chanoa Chen 

Most notably, brands such as Dior and Valentino are wooing clients and fans by means of awe-inspiring images and videos on Instagram. While some ad campaign shots are included, these brands are creating exclusive content as well as utilizing the app as a chic lookbook to show off their latest red carpet victories.

Dior is an Instagram innovator with multimedia content featuring top models such as Sasha Luss in ethereal fantasy worlds joined by Dior accessories fresh from the runways and colorful Dior cosmetics. Art house beauty tutorials and mesmerizing close-up clips of products make for an indulgent stimulation of the senses. Prada’s presence reliably focuses on art. Conceptual presentations featuring the brand’s ready-to-wear and accessories captivate audiences between editorial images and Prada red carpet photos.

Balenciaga makes a virtual statement via exclusive event photos, custom accessories and other images that may only be seen in store, at private events or in the atelier. Detail photos of Balenciaga garments and accessories offer insights into fabrics and textures impossible to detect from mere runway photos or clips.

Gucci stays true to its lifestyle roots with inspirational editorial images, clips from short films created just for the brand and even photos of tastemakers around the world spotted toting their newest Gucci accessories in the hot spots of the fashion capitals. Meanwhile, the House of Valentino offers clients access to special event photos, limited edition accessories and styling inspiration photos rivaling the biggest names in the blogosphere. 

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