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Jamaica Chic

It's time to reconsider Jamaica. 

Turks and Caicos, St. Barth’s and others may for the moment be considered the more chic Caribbean destinations, but as Jamaica sheds its precarious reputation, it is time to reconsider what is in fact the most authentic and charming of Caribbean destinations.

Consider these great Jamaican retreats for your next trip:

Golden Eye

Built on property Ian Fleming (of James Bond author fame) once owned and worked on, Golden Eye is chic, fun, laidback but luxurious all at the same time. You can either stay in a beach villa or on the canal, where you can leisurely swim in calm and clear Caribbean water.

Half Moon

Half Moon is different than Golden Eye, but just as enjoyable. Their villas are larger and overall they have more options with hotel availability. This is also a very family friendly resort with plenty of activities: golf, tennis, swimming with dolphins, horseback riding and more.

Strawberry Hill

If you’re looking for a truly different experience in Jamaica- think mountains, not beachfront- then turn to Strawberry Hill. Perched in the beautiful Jamaican mountains, you will not be able to help but relax while you are here. 

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