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Monsieur Fox: Everyday Elegance

Monsieur Fox is one of our favorite new men's fashion labels.

By Evelyne Del

The great Oscar Wilde remarked, “No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist”. It is that imagination that Adrian Azodi, founder of Monsieur Fox, channels when creating pieces for the luxury accessories brand.

The Dubai-based company has taken the world by storm with its intricately designed line of cufflinks, pocket squares, tie clips, and more recently, handmade ties, which denote the flair of the modern gentleman.

Azodi set out to develop a brand that reflects a man’s unique style, while maintaining a measure of classic opulence. The “fox” in Monsieur Fox is extracted from a memory of Azodi’s childhood in which he relates with a moment of serendipity: "It is an image that just stuck with me", says Azodi. "It obviously left an imprint and this brand is an homage to how small things can have a big impact."

He applies this ideal to the designs within his brand. The American born designer maintains the philosophy that elegance should never be “seasonal”, but displayed through every detail and decision, especially when it comes to matters of style. Blending the formal, casual, and professional, the Monsieur Fox label sees a true gentleman as an aggregate of his experiences.

Based in one of the world’s fastest growing luxury marketplaces, Monsieur Fox utilizes only the best in skilled craftsman and rich materials to make Azodi's vision a reality. Each piece is meticulously created in a series of carving, firing, and painting that result in a perfect marriage of construction and creativity, a French "je ne sais quoi", English refinement and rebellious American spirit.

In 2013, the company was named one of Esquire-Dubai Magazine’s “favorite brands” and Azodi was named one of their 'best-dressed' men earlier this year.  

With an arsenal of inspiration, Azodi cleverly merges art, culture and fashion into statement pieces that are changing the face of menswear in a very creative way. 

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