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Sotheby's Magnificent Jewels

Sotheby’s will be auctioning several magnificent jewels at its auction on April 19.

By Chadwick Ciocci

Like art, building a jewelry collection takes time and taste, but Sotheby’s has several pieces at its upcoming Magnificent Jewels auction on April 19 that are great both for novice collectors as well as seasoned veterans.

Like art, sometimes we acquire jewelry just for fun. The first rule before acquiring a piece should always be, “Do you like it?” and if the answer is yes, then consider acquisition.  Jewelry shouldn’t sit in a safe. It should be worn and enjoyed. 

Here are some of our recommendations:

Emerald and Diamond Ring

$60,000 – 80,000 

This 18-karat gold, emerald and diamond ring is not only beautiful but is certain to turn heads.  The emerald-cut emerald weighs 4.02 carats - and although not the heaviest stone one could have - is of Colombian origin and is certified by the AGL as having insignificant color enhancement.

Emeralds are formed and extracted in such a manner that they often have internal cracks and flaws that are very often filled in, or “enhanced”, to create greater radiance and consistency. So when looking for emeralds, be sure to acquire one with as little color enhancement as possible in order to ensure its future value. 

We suggest acquiring this piece at the low to mid range of the estimate. 

Gold, Pink Sapphire, Ruby, Cultured Pearl and Diamond Earrings

$15,000 – 20,000

These earrings, by Michele della Valle, are bright, fun and perfect for spring and summer cocktail parties. While the investment potential of della Valle has yet to be established, his work has been featured at Christie’s, Sotheby’s, multiple books and a plethora of other establishments and outlets. We have little doubt that his work will make a good investment and no doubt that you will enjoy wearing them.

These earrings incorporate 18-karat gold, pink sapphires weighing 12.29 carats, rubies weighing 10.97 carats and round diamonds weighing 1.42 carats, completed with cultured pearls.

We suggest acquiring this piece at the low range of the estimate.

Yellow Diamond and Diamond Ring

$150,000 – 200,000

This is a beautiful example of a fancy intense yellow diamond that shimmers beautifully in the light.

The cut is interesting and not entirely common - cut-cornered square modified – making this ring shimmer more than most. The yellow diamond weighs 9.07 carats, VS1 clarity, and is flanked by tapered baguette diamonds weighing .75 carats.

We suggest acquiring this piece at the mid to high range.

Fancy Purplish Pink Diamond Ring

$3,000,000 – 5,000,000 

This stone is stunning and would make an excellent addition to any collection. The diamond is cushion modified brilliant-cut and weighs 12.45 carats. 

The GIA has certified this diamond as fancy purplish pink, natural color and VS2 clarity.

We suggest acquiring this piece at the low to mid range of the estimate. 

Shirley Temple Blue Diamond

$25,000,000 – 35,000,000

Without a doubt this is a stunning jewel and certainly the crown of this Sotheby’s auction. The ring was originally bought for Shirley Temple Black by her father after the then 12 year old actress completed work on The Blue Bird.

This ring comes with two mountings: one that flanks the diamond with four rows of baguette diamonds weighing approximately .4 carat and another composed of 18 karat gold and platinum, designed as two interlocking bands, signed Tiffany & Co., 1972.

Blue diamonds are incredibly rare and at 9.54 carats and with a provenance such as it has, there is no doubt that the Shirley Temple Blue Diamond could form the centerpiece of your collection.

The piece is accompanied by a GIA report stating that the diamond is fancy deep blue, natural color and VVS2 clarity. It also comes with the original working diagram stating that the stone may be potentially internally flawless (note: pay attention to the language these reports use. The report says that stone may be potentially flawless, not that it is flawless).

We suggest acquiring this piece at the low range of the estimate. 

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