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Squam Residence

By Ada Teicu via Pursuitist 

Even when a rigid building code engages architects in a restrictive construction, the end result can be striking. In the case of the Squam Residence on Nantucket Island, the preservation of historical elements was of utmost importance. Regulations specify that all new houses must have pitched roofs and external walls must be covered with unpainted shingles.

Recently completed by J. Brown Builders, this custom home on the island 30 miles south of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, hides its fascinating contemporary interiors well behind its shingled facade. Bright and sophisticated, the interiors of this dream home display an open floor plan in which social encounters are easy to provoke. White walls were matched with light wooden floors to create an airy atmosphere. Colorful furniture and furnishings were chosen to enliven the spaces and glass was chosen for the staircase railings and several space dividers to allow light to fill the interiors. Showcasing its inviting nature throughout, today’s dream home sets the mood for daydreaming.

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