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St. Pancras Penthouse

By Ada Teicu via Pursuitist

Spreading over three floors in a building in London, this amazing penthouse apartment was designed for one of Thomas Griem's clients in London. This St. Pancras Penthouse apartment occupies the top three floors of the building. The interiors look like they’re cascading down to the social space, from a high-up private level to the open entertaining spaces below.

With the master bedroom located on the top floor, the luxurious penthouse apartment displays a unique openness. Glass railings construct a seamless connection to the rest of the spaces, but it’s easy to get privacy by simply operating the curtains. This allows the owner to visually disconnect from the triple-height ceiling space, creating a modern comfort zone.

The new oak staircase with sleek glass railings leads  from the entertaining areas on the lower floors to the master bedroom upstairs. It “consists of a bridge that connects to a library which is cantilevering the main part of the staircase. This library unit is the feature of the staircase and also forms the balustrade to one side. It offers storage for books, statues and other artifacts.” Two more bedrooms are located on the lowest level, sharing the floor plan with the kitchen, dining area and TV area. In the middle of these two floors, a sitting area complete with the owner’s beloved pool table shines under natural light.

After a visual tour, you will surely notice the stunning bathrooms: “The two en suite bathrooms are located in two gothic towers of the building which gives them great views of the surrounding area and a triple ceiling height. They have been finished in Arrabascato marble and each feature a low hanging chandelier to play with the unusual ceiling height.”

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