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Summer in the South of France

There are many wonderful places to spend the summer, but few compare to the South of France.

Known also as the Cote d’Azur or the Riviera, the South of France offers something for everyone. From amazing beaches, dining and activities such as yachting and truffle hunting to some of the chicest hotels and casinos in the world, here are a few ideas from Culture Home to make your summer truly special.

Monte Carlo

No summer in the Cote d’Azur would be complete without a stop in Monte Carlo, Principality of Monaco. Monaco is an incredibly small city-state, but with so much to offer. And since English, French, Italian and numerous other languages are wildly spoken throughout the principality, chances are you won’t have any problems communicating or getting around.

Be sure to stay at the Metropole, which is the favored Culture Home hotel in Monte Carlo. The Metropole is one of the chicest hotels in Monaco, although there are several other wonderful places to stay as well. You will enjoy an old-world aesthetic mixed with contemporary upgrades that would put a smile on your face every time you walk through the gilded entrance.

Be sure to dine not too far away at Ripoldi, a small but delicious Italian restaurant which has played host to the Princely Family itself. Their food is quite authentically Italian, which is to be expected, since Italy itself is driving distance from the principality. Be sure to order a bottle of Gavi di Gavi- Italy’s best white wine.

After dinner, spend some time at the Monte Carlo Casino, which is also walking distance from the hotel and restaurant. While their dress code has relaxed in the past few years, you may feel the most comfortable, and enjoy yourself the most if you follow their old guidelines: jacket and tie for men, and evening attire for ladies.

An interesting fact: citizens of Monaco are forbidden from entering the casino due to several antiquated blue laws that still govern Monegasque life.

Cap Ferrat

Although Cap Ferrat attracts quite a few tourists it maintains its French culture better than many other popular towns in the Riviera. It is a particularly wonderful introduction to the area as it has numerous authentic yet unintimidating restaurants and outlets for cultural absorption.

One is well advised to stay in a private villa while in Cap Ferrat. There are numerous options and any local real estate agency should be able to help you find what you need. Villas range from the more reasonable to world-class, such as Villa O.

It would be misguided to recommend just one restaurant or eatery in Cap Ferrat, since so many of them are worthwhile to simply wonder in to. But do make time to grab a drink on the patio of the Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat and enjoy their signature cocktails and live music in a chic and sophisticated setting.


Eze is an ancient Roman village perched high in the cliffs overlooking Cap Ferrat, Monte Carlo and numerous other sites on the Cote d’Azur. In fact, it seems as if one can see the entire coast from this fortified village.

Eze, much like Cap Ferrat, is a place one needs little guidance for. There are innumerable shops, cafes and fun and interesting places to wonder in to.

The one place one must dine and enjoy some champagne though is La Chevre d’Or. In addition to an excellent hotel, their outdoor restaurant with views of the coast are simply breathtaking. We rarely say anything like this at Culture Home, but the views are absolutely magical, and it is an absolute must to enjoy the champagne and atmosphere here. 

Of course, once Culture Home finishes its newest project in Seillans, it will be one of the greatest new places to stay. 

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