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Summer Yachting Options II

Yachting for a week or two can be a fabulous way to relax with your friends and family.

As summer comes nearer and nearer it is time to make your plans and reservations. We’ve curated Caribbean villas and sailing yachts for your enjoyment, and now we have some of the most refined motor yachts for your perusal. 

Below are some of our favorite options from our friends at Edmiston Yachts


257 feet

TV is a significant ship, to put it mildly. She has 10 cabins, 4 of which are VIP level and the master cabin encapsulates the entire upper deck. Enjoy your meals on one of the five decks or in the circle dining conservatory. There is a health, beauty and sports center and even a cinema.

Jet skis, water skis, diving gear and more are included for your enjoyment. 

Available around 850,000 Euro per week.

Indian Empress

312 feet 

The Indian Empress is a grand and impressive vessel. Like TV, an entire deck is devoted to a master apartment and private lounge. Although 12 guests can sail with you, one could host 24 guests around one table for an elegant dinner or a business conference. The Indian Empress has an astounding 30 staff on board and when docked she can host as many as 500 guests on deck.

In short, the Indian Empress is fit for the Empress of India.

Available for 750,000 Euro per week.


290 Feet

There are those in the industry which would describe Nirvana as “the most impressive yacht on the market today…” And there is good reason for such an opinion. She offers a helipad, pool, bar, exotic reptile house, floor to ceiling windows and a full beam VIP stateroom. There is a 3-D cinema, silver engraved elevator and if all of this was not impressive enough, Nirvana has enough fuel, water and food reserves to give her a Trans Pacific range, meaning she can cruise the globe as a self-sufficient entity.

Available around 900,000 Euro per week.

Alfa Nero

267 feet

Alfa Nero is a beautifully designed, chic, sophisticated and modern yacht. She has won awards for both her exterior and interior design and is certain to impress even those with the highest standards. The pool converts in to a helipad where after landing you can bring your family and friends in to what feels like your own nightclub.

Available around 840,000 Euro per week.

Lady Britt

207 feet

Lady Britt is by far our favorite option. She is classic without being outdated and sophisticated without being stodgy. But one does not charter Lady Britt simply for her looks or style. She offers what is possibly the best service of any charter yacht in the world. For example, she comes with a Michelin-starred chef who creates 52 different ice creams, a Finnish spa and staff that aspires to be the best charter yacht in the world. They need not aspire. They’ve reached their goal.

Available around 470,000 Euro per week.

If you are interested in any of these options, please reach out. 

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