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Tanja's Top 3 Jewelers

By Culture Home

Whether it is for a wedding, birthday or just because, getting the right piece of jewelry for the special woman in your life is not an easy task. It can be made easier though if you shop at the right establishment.

When you buy any piece of jewelry, whether it be a ring, necklace, watch or something else, the employees of whichever store you enter should be incredibly knowledgeable and offer the best in service.

Below are Tanja Ellis’ favorite places for her own jewelry:


Tiffany’s, as it is known colloquially, is not only Tanja’s favorite jeweler; it is undoubtedly the world’s leader in fine jewels. While they are most famous for their engagement and wedding rings- ergo the phrase, “There is nothing like a Tiffany diamond”- Tiffany&Co. also produces some of the most stunning pearl necklaces available.

Perhaps the only thing Tiffany&Co. is known for more than their actual jewelry is their incredible level of customer service. You won’t just walk out of a Tiffany store with amazing diamonds- you will have had an amazing experience as well.

Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef is another global leader in the jewelry field, and for good reason. Whereas Tiffany may be best known for diamonds, Van Cleef offers the absolute best in gold. Check out their Perlee bracelets for proof, and purchase one for someone special in your life.


Chanel may be better known for their fashion and clothing than their jewelry, but nonetheless they offer some truly amazing pieces. If you’re over diamonds and gold, then be sure to check out their feathered pieces, which are luxurious and more importantly, exotic. 

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