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The Charms and Exclusivity of Necker Island, B.V.I.

Necker Island is an exclusive and beautiful Caribbean escape. 

By Chanoa Chen

The British Virgin Islands is home to one of the most luxurious locations around the globe – Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island. The 74-acre private island is a serene and marvelous gem complete with lush green foliage, flourishing wildlife, crystal clear blue waters, white stretches of sandy beaches and plenty of ways to pass the time.

Though the island is private it may be booked by outside guests by renting the entire island or by booking one of the select rooms available during the few “Celebration Weeks” around the year. Booking the private island means guests may bring a few dozen guests to join them (there are accommodations for only about 40 people to maintain the exclusivity and special energy of the location). It includes the services of all of the staff members of the island as well as the enjoyment of a submarine with driver.

Necker Island’s exclusive accommodations include six one bedroom Bali Houses with swimming pools (some shared, others private) and the eight bedroom Great House featuring the best views of the island and a master suite with a jacuzzi for two.

Time on Necker may be as relaxing or as adrenaline-fueled as guests’ desires and there’s something for everyone. Activities on the island encompass games, events and both land and water sports including tennis, wakeboarding, kite surfing, sailing and snorkeling the breathtaking coral reefs below.

Necker Island is also home to a thriving environment. The island is home to a number of species of wildlife including species that were reintroduced to the island by Branson. To add, much of the energy comes from solar energy and windmills. The property is expected to be carbon mutual in the near future as these renewable energy sources are expanded.

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