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Uprise Art: Revolutionizing Art Collecting

Uprise Art is a fascinating new online art collecting platform that is revolutionizing their field. We sat down for an interview with Tze Chun, their founder and CEO.

By Chanoa Chen

I must say that this is a brilliant idea. How was the concept for Uprise Art dreamed up?

A few years ago, the visual art world finally started to embrace the internet and I wanted to create an online gallery that accomplished the same level of programming as a traditional gallery (exhibitions, art fairs, highly personalized client service), while being more accessible and affordable.

Many galleries are intimidating, but at Uprise Art, we create a welcoming way for collectors to discover and fall in love with art, while maintaining a highly curated collection from today’s best emerging, contemporary artists. 

Uprise Art makes art collecting more affordable as well. Our collectors have the option to purchase artwork outright, or to live with the work while purchasing through monthly installments.

We work with a wide range of collectors, from first-time art buyers looking for that perfect piece for their homes to some of the world’s largest companies looking to diversify their corporate collections with art by emerging artists. 

In addition to making art collecting more accessible financially for the next generation of collectors, you are also making art collecting less mysterious and more attractive. What does art contribute to society in your eyes? Why is it so important for a great passion for the arts to continue?

Uprise Art is an online gallery, but our goal is to make it easier for people to bring original art into their homes. Living with art changes the way you see the world. Surrounding yourself with art challenges you to see the world through the artist’s eyes, to think creatively, and to be blissfully humbled by the abilities of others.

The value of art in society is constant and ever-changing. In a growing world of iPads, computer screens, and digital reproduction, art is more essential than ever. How you can express yourself beyond words, such as by creating with your hands, ignites others to think differently and to approach life creatively.

Where do you see the the direction of the art world headed in the next few years? How would you describe the current mood of the art world?

The art world held out longer than most industries, but now galleries, auction houses, art fairs, and more are embracing technology and expanding online at a rapid pace. I believe that as the choices become greater, people will want a more curated selection that is relevant to them and will follow their favorite galleries and tastemakers rather than searching on large, limitless platforms.

The current mood of the art world is one of excitement, if not complete uncertainty.

How are your artists selected? Are all of their works available via Uprise Art or are the featured pieces a curated selection of their works?

We look for artists who have a strong technical grasp of their craft, are highly motivated in their careers, and, above all, have a truly unique vision, voice, and process. When researching artists, we consider their education and history of exhibitions and awards, as well as their plans for the future. 

Currently, Uprise Art maintains a highly curated selection of more than 60 artists. The online gallery features only a select collection of available works by each of our artists, so we always tell collectors to let us know which artists they’re interested in so we can provide them with additional artwork ideas! 

What are the most important rules of thumb for new art collectors to keep in mind as they begin to make their first purchases?

Starting your art collection can be an intimidating, seemingly difficult process because of the highly-personal experience of buying art. I recommend that collectors: 

1) Know what’s out there: cast the net wide in the beginning and see as much art as possible before you begin focusing on what styles and sizes appeal to you. The options to view art are endless, from visiting art fairs and gallery shows to simply browsing an art magazine or reading art blogs.

2) Hone in on your personal style: To start, note your tastes in the other things you collect: furniture, books, fashion, etc. What are the common threads between these things?

3) Be your own matchmaker: I always say that if you keep thinking about a work of art, it’s the one.

Remember, art is an investment and, as with life partners, you have to be ready to live with a work of art. As a gallerist, I cannot make someone fall in love with a work of art, I’m simply here to advise them, and offer information and context for the work so that when a collector does fall in love, they can make an educated decision.  

Kudos for offering such fantastic services to art lovers everywhere. The concept is so inviting and it really makes art collecting fun. Do you have any new projects or collaborations you would like to mention?

We recently launched a new facet of our gallery, the Uprise Art “Shop,” which sells one-of-a-kind original artwork, all under $800. The Shop features a wide range of art, everything from bright paintings and colorful collages, to charcoal drawings and delicate watercolors. New works are added to the Gallery and the Shop weekly, so stay up-to-date by visiting our blog and signing up for our bi-monthly newsletter “The Uprise8.”

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