Caribbean Gem


Caribbean Gem



Amanyara is by all accounts the standard-bearer of luxury Caribbean resorts, and this Culture Home villa is the paragon for the other villas.

Although many of the villas at Amanyara are directly on the ocean, our Culture Home villa spreads out upon one of several lakes at the resort, meaning this villa is even more tranquil and peaceful than usual.

The villa is one of the larger at the resort, and although it follows much of the Asian influence of the Aman and Amanyara brands, Tanja has added and changed numerous elements to make this villa a true Caribbean gem.

The villa has four bedrooms for family and friends, two bedrooms for staff (and a bathroom), five full and one half bath for guests, numerous outdoor showers, a private meditation pavilion across the lake, an in-ground pool and so many more amenities that make Amanyara the incredible place that it is. Of course, villa owners or those vacationing enjoy all of the benefits of the resort such as the beach, fine dining, world-class staffing, security, some of the best diving in the world and so much more.

Important Points:

  • Amanyara means “place of peace,” which is exactly what the resort is.
  • This Culture Home villa is far more spacious than others.
  • Amanyara is the most prestigious resort in the Caribbean, and one of the best in the world.

Property Details

Acres- Three
Bathrooms- Four Full, One Half
Bedrooms- Four
Interior- 5,000
Type- Single-Family

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